Becoming A Dad

My Dream

I was 40 years old when I found out I was going to be a dad and in all honesty I had spent 20 of them wanting to have a child. And after all this time, it was more than worth the wait.

In the days leading up to the delivery, I had a dream, I was walking down a hospital corridor lined with all the generations of men in my family that had passed away. They sat clapping and nodding, smiling at my adding to the family line. The room was warm and bright and I felt their pride as the sound of their applause echoed through the corridor. Their faces became more familiar as I walked to the end of the corridor toward the delivery room; about to become a father with tears of joy in my eyes.

I think about that dream from time to time and thought it would be a perfect way to start this blog. The thought that all those men who were responsible for me walking down that corridor is a wonderful and powerful one. Laying the foundations for a family, setting the scene to becoming a man – to becoming a father.

Becoming a Father

Baby Jac born 9lbs and 7ounces

Welcoming our little boy into the world in April of last year was by and large the greatest moment of our lives, and that’s including Sam Vokes’ goal for Wales in the European Championships.

It wasn’t what I had expected…all those films and daydreams painted an expected picture of the doctor handing us a crying baby. But our little boy was delivered via cesarean section and needed time to clear fluid from his lungs; in one moment the majesty and worry of being a parent had been delivered along with our baby boy.

Welcoming Baby Jac

Fortunately, after 30 long minutes of recovery, we had our little bundle handed to us and our journey as a family could finally begin.

The Term Cesarean?

Also discovered on the very same day that the term cesarean comes from none other than Julius Caesar, who was believed to have been delivered in the same way.

A Parent Blogger

Ive waited 9 months, read a lot of books, learned so much more than I thought possible and am ready to start blogging as there is so much to share. I want to collaborate with other parents and content creators to share in experiences and this starts right now.

The bottom line of this blog is to help me become a better parent, to navigate everything that being a dad can throw at me; to give our little boy the most wholesome childhood possible.

Welcome to the journey and thank you so much for reading and being a part of our story.